How to stay cool without AC?

The sizzling rainy season and tingling hot summer is just around the corner. For the summer, why don't you try to live an eco-friendly life without using an air conditioner? From cold meals to bathing methods to fashion tips, here are some ideas to help you live a life without air conditioning and have a comfortable summer experience!. Let's see how to stay cool without ac.

Ventilate Frequently with a fan to stay cool without air conditioning

The first is to frequently ventilate the air in the room with a fan. In summer, the temperature is high, but the humidity is high too. If the humidity becomes too high, it may cause heat stroke, which is very dangerous. When you come back to home from the outside, first thing you need to do is open the window and use the electric fan to expel the stuffy air out! Also, it is important to reduce the number of items in your house so that they are well ventilated!. This is the conventional method to keep your house cool without ac.

Do not use gas

Another option to stay cool without air conditioning is to use a recipe that does not use gas. There are probably a lot of housewives who say, "I feel depressed in the kitchen on a hot day ...". If you're cooking with gas fire, your thoughts should be urgent. That's where the " microwave oven " comes in handy! Recently many recipes have been published that you can cook steamed dishes in the microwave and make stewed dishes. You don't have to worry about the heat because you don't use fire, and you can save time because you only have to chin. Why don't you try cooking in the microwave on a day when you don't want to stand in the kitchen ?

Sprinkling water

You can also sprinkle water to lower the temperature. Sprinkling water is a traditional method of cooling by utilizing the action of taking the heat when water evaporates. You often see the watering in front of the entrance. It's sprinkled water like that, but it is said that the temperature will drop 1 to 3 degrees Celsius! The method is very easy! ! Just lightly water the front door and the floor of the balcony in the morning or evening. It's nice that you can be cool with easy play.

Avoid direct sunlight with blackout curtains

It is also effective to use a blackout curtain to avoid direct sunlight. Although the temperature of the room will inevitably rise when exposed to direct sunlight, the blackout curtains block the light from the outside. It is an excellent product that prevents the interior and interior from getting hot. It is easy to install, and if you open the window it will ventilate appropriately so it will be a great success in the summer.

A device to forget the heat

Store lotion, sunscreen, and makeup products in the refrigerator. Stable cold air keeps cosmetics comfortable to use even in summer. For example, it will prevent the lipstick from melting and the sunscreen from liquefying. In addition, cool cosmetics have the effect of cooling the hot flashes on your skin. To spend without an air conditioner, fill the hot water bottle with cold water and snuggle up close.

Alternatively, put ice in a large bowl and place it in front of the fan, and the cool breeze will quickly cool it.

Cold Meal

Refresh yourself with the nutrients your body needs. Cold soups such as gazpacho and avocado soup are perfect for hot days, and vegetables and seafood make salads easy. Also, be sure to rehydrate! However, be careful with cola, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol! Even a small amount can drain water and interfere with the functioning of the internal cooling system.

Bath time is also cool

Relax and take a bath. Wet your towel with water and wrap it or wrap it around your head. Wrap the ice in another towel and wrap it around your neck to secure it. Alternatively, soak your feet in a large washbasin or tub filled with cold water. Some people don't feel comfortable putting their feet in ice water.

Choose your own comfort method.

Cool reading

Some people are fine even when it's hot, but when they want to escape the heat of the city, what should they do? The recommendation is to stop by a bookstore or library and find an interesting book. You can sit in a chair and spend a comfortable time in an air-conditioned room. If you want to feel even cooler, it is a good idea to take a look at the photo collections such as Antarctica and snow scenes. Many cold images may make you feel even cooler! If you want to stay cool while stimulating your head, we recommend the local museums, children's halls, and theaters. Each air conditioner has its own strength, so find a place you like that feels right.

Loose fashion

Light and long, loose clothing is surprisingly cool. The turtleneck is not suitable, but we recommend thin long skirts, well-ventilated cotton shirts, and light capri pants. The room for clothes creates an air flow around the body, and the bright colors reflect sunlight. The hat also keeps your head cool, which helps control the temperature of your entire body.

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