Correct wine storage method. From appropriate temperature and storage location to delicious drinking.

After purchasing the wine, have you decided where to store it? Of course, there is no problem if there is a wine cellar at home, but when it comes to full-fledged things, beginners can not afford it to store at home without a wine cellar, you need to be aware of some points and choose a location. If you can't drink the opened wine, how can you store it so that you can enjoy it even after the next day? This time, for those who don't know how to store wine, here are some tips on how to store wine at home and how to enjoy it.

Table of contents

  1. The basics of storing wine
  2. How to store unopened wine
  3. How to store wine after opening

The basics of storing wine

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when storing wine.
  • The flavor of the wine continues to change - When storing wine, keep in mind that it is still an extension of aging. The flavors of wines continue to change subtly, depending on the type, such as those that require a long period of aging and those that prefer to drink early. Aged and fast-drinking wines are delicate and should be stored carefully.
  • Optimal environment for wine- To prepare conditions similar to the curve, care must be taken so that temperature, humidity, light, and vibration do not affect the wine. Optimal environmental conditions for wine include constant temperature and coolness, no light, high humidity, no vibration, and no strong odor in the surroundings. Also, lay the bottle on its side to prevent the cork from drying out. The wine cellar is in the best condition to maintain this condition. However, some people may not have a wine cellar at home. For those people, I will introduce a storage method that does not need a wine cellar at home.

How to store unopened wine

If your home does not have a wine cellar or other storage place, it is best to make it as close as possible to the wine cellar. Where the temperature and humidity are not constant depending on the season, there are some points to consider in each season.
  • How to store in summer - In the summer, wrap a wine bottle with newspaper and wrap it up to the cork to prevent it from drying. It is even better to wrap the cap seal and secure it with a rubber band. When using a refrigerator, it is said that a vegetable room with a relatively high temperature is suitable. If there is no space in the refrigerator, keep it down in a cool, sunlight-free place such as under the floor or closet.
  • How to store in winter - In winter, store in a cool room without heating. Avoid the living room and bedroom, and it is good to have a dark place on the north side where sunlight does not enter, such as under the floor or closet. Depending on the land pattern and conditions, the room temperature may be low. If the temperature is lower than in the refrigerator, wrap the bottle with the newspaper and store it in the refrigerator's vegetable compartment. The ideal temperature is 13 ° C to 15 ° C. If stored at a temperature that is too low, there is a risk of low-temperature deterioration.

How to store wine after opening

While some wines are best consumed on the day they are opened, some are delicious the next day or a few days later. Therefore, I would like to introduce a good way to save wine if you want to keep it.
  • Why the taste of wine changes after opening The reason why the taste of wine changes after opening is that it touches the air.
For example, vintage wines that have been bottle-aged for many years are decanted (transferred to another container). By decanting, the wine exposed to the air will bring out the scent and taste, and you will be able to taste it more deliciously.
However, decantation must be done delicately, as the wine is exposed to the air and oxidizes too much, which leads to poor taste. Old vintage wines with a long aging period are nice to enjoy without decanting.
  • Guides to drink delicious wine after opening - White wine and red wine can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. However, you can enjoy it without changing the taste within 3 days after opening. Sweet white wine can be enjoyed for a relatively long period of time. Depending on the item, it can be used for almost a month, so be sure to enjoy the optimal storage period for each wine.
  • Preservation method -The main premise for preserving wine after opening is to keep it out of contact with oxygen. The spilled wine is sealed from oxygen in one of three main ways: The first is a method of shutting off oxygen by making it close to a vacuum. The second method is to inject nitrogen gas into the bottle and remove the oxygen in it. Nitrogen gas acts as a lid between the wine and air and prevents oxidation. The third method is to transfer to a small bottle. With a proper cap, there is less space for the wine to come into contact with oxygen than it would be in the bottle. After blocking oxygen, put the bottle in the refrigerator.

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