What is the relation of coronavirus (COVID-19) and air conditioning?


Coronavirus and the risks of using summer air conditioners

It seems that the temperature has gradually risen, and the day has come to eat watermelon using the air conditioner. However, at present, the infection control measures for the new Coronavirus are unpredictable. Is it okay to turn on the air conditioner systems? What can we do to keep us cool and healthy this summer?

There should an Operation and Management Guide for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Office Spaces and Public Areas During the New pandemic. This will guide the safe and rational use of air conditioning and ventilation systems in offices, restaurants, and other people gathering and public places, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The most important point during the use of central air conditioning is to maintain outside air introduction. However, some air conditioners have a built-in air cleaning and disinfecting device, which requires strict adherence to product instructions for operation.

The study shows that the air-conditioning systems is extremely unlikely to cause infections, but the central air-conditioning is a closed type. It poses a relatively large risk to people within and therefore does not suggest using central air conditioning in schools, colleges, and offices as well.

Is there a risk at home air conditioning compared to central air conditioning? I often see a separate type air conditioner in everyday life, that is, a type installed individually in each room. When using this air conditioner, the air automatically circulates in each room. And it's almost safe because there's no cross-infection with another room.

Air conditioners should be used less frequently by increasing outdoor activities and opening windows for ventilation. The window should be opened and ventilated at least once a day, preferably at least 30 minutes each time, opening windows and ventilating during the period is very important.

Also, pay attention to the regular disinfection and cleaning of air conditioners, especially in the current special time. If you fear the air conditioner, reducing the use of air conditioners is the most important, It also needs to be set up, cleaned and disinfected.

The expert said that in the summer, you should not use alcohol to clean the inside of the air conditioner. Medical alcohol can be disinfected and sterilized, but it easily volatilizes. If you clean the air conditioner with alcohol, the airflow inside the air conditioner will be improved. Because it is bad, it can generate flammable and explosive gas, which poses a safety risk. 

Relative humidity plays measure role. As all we know that our body is unable to fight with invaders in dry environment. 40 - 70 percent level of relative humidity is considered the most suitable for the human body. It also decreases the problem for pathogens. So being in controlled temperature and humidity is advantageous to human life.

Final note: There is still no cure for coronvirus. Maintaining social distance is the most important and only solution to restrict its spread. There is no evidence of spreading of corona virus in the controlled temperature and controlled humidity. In fact controlled temperature and controlled humidity are beneficial to human body. 




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