Storage requirement for commodity

Frozen food deterioration depends on storage time and temperature. Package provided for protection are important too. During freezing process bacteria are killed in frozen foods but not completely, while defrosting bacterial decomposition may happen. Frozen foods deteriorate between production and consumption.



Beer does not require to store in low temperature as keg beer. Reason is beer in bottle and in cans is pasteurize or filtered. Beer in bottle can be stored in room temperature. But it is stored with keg beer just for convenience. Keg beer is stored at 20 C to 40 C for 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

Canned Foods

Hermetically sealed canned products do not require refrigerated storage. These foods are heat process and canned. If the storage period is longer than 2 to 3 months, then we do get benefit from storing them under reduce temperature

Dried Foods

Dried foods nutritive value and quality can be maintained if they are stored in canning in vacuum. Dried food like alfalfa meal and dehydrated milk have high level of protein need to protect from high temperature and humidity. This product can be protected if the ambient temperature does not go beyond 300 C. If it is stored in the package not having good vapor barrier will deteriorate in less than one year if ambient is 210 C and 300 C ambient less than 6 months. If dried foods stored under –20°C, it does not need packaging.

Nursery Stock and Cut Flowers

Nursery stock and cut flowers are stored at –0.5 to +0.5°C. Packaging and low temperature extend the storage life. Proper moisture proof and vapor proof dry packaging require. While storing good air circulation much needed. It is not advisable to store flowers along with fruits and vegetables.

Furs and Fabrics

Furs and Fabrics are stored at 1 to 4°C to protect it from fabric insects. Low temperature does not destroy them but make them inactive. But insects will damage the fabric as soon as it is removed from the cold storage. One should not keep food along with furs. Low temperature preserves the integrity and luster of furs. It also preserves tensile strength of garments. Some firms are maintaining the temperature between –10 and 0°C and claim better result but research does not indicate that it requires above mentioned temperature. Raw furs is stored at –23 to –12°C with 45 to 60% rh for 2 years.


Popcorn is stored at 0 to 4°C and about 85% rh.


Comb honey and extracted honey can be kept in common dry storage for a year. Although refrigeration is not needed, to maintain its original quality for several years it is stored at 10°C. Temperature between 10 and 18°C promotes granulation and increase the probability of fermentation. So, these temperature range is not advisable. Deterioration get accelerated in the 27 to 38°C range. Constant temperature above 30°C not suitable and above 32°C is damaging temperature. It is best to keep honey in cold storage if it is exported.

Vegetable Seeds

Humid and high temperature cause loss of viability in seeds. So it is better to keep seeds at lower temperature. –7°C temperature and 15 to 25% rh are considered as ideal condition. Some seeds like tomato, pepper and lettuce had better viability even after 13 years if it stored at lower temperature. Moisture contains play vital role for germination. Seeds must be stored in lower temperature and in moisture proof containers.

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