What is a reefer container?

Reefer Container

The Reefer container is used to control the cargo temperature. It is widely used in transportation, rail and sea. It is used to transport fish, fresh flowers, vegetables, fruits and frozen foods. Some industries are using it for transportation of highly precision machinery. There are lot of industries that need temporary warehouse till the projects completed; such industries have started using reefer and non-reefer container.

Characteristics of reefer container

This container use indoor and outdoor unit called as refrigeration unit. Outdoor unit is condensing unit, with heat exchanger (Condenser), flow controls and compressor. Indoor unit is having heat exchanger (Evaporator) and fan for air circulation. With the help of indoor and outdoor unit temperature inside container is maintained and controlled. Outer structure of container is made of SS (Stainless steel), GRP sheet or in some cases GI sheet. Inner body of the container also used the same material depend upon the use. For flooring SS or aluminium is used for ease of washing. Polyurethane foam is injected between outer and inner panel as insulating material. Door is provide with door accessories like handle, lock, hinges and gasket for proper sealing of the gaps between door and container frame.

The temperature inside the container is generally -30 ℃ to + 30 ℃ with the same equipment and can be set in the unit of 0.1 degree. It handles all temperature ranges like refrigerated (Chilled) and frozen (Frozen). There are some type that can be set to -40 ℃ and -60 ℃ dedicated for freezing temperature and used for product like tuna and high-grade ice cream transportation keep freshness. This container transportation cost is higher than the regular one.

Cargo suitable for reefer container transportation

Fresh foods: Fruits, dairy products, vegetables and fresh flowers (Refrigerated transport)

Frozen foods: Seafood, meat, processed foods (Frozen transportation)

Sake and wine etc. (Constant temperature transportation)

Precision equipment, Works of art, Films, Pharmaceuticals (Constant temperature transportation)

Swordfish, High-grade ice cream, Frozen tuna, sea urchin etc. (Ultra-low temperature transportation)

Merits of reefer container

It’s a storage space for goods (Foods and precision machineries) within required temperature until the shipment is done.

Container temperature is controlled in wide temperature range, like low temperature products, frozen food, refrigerated products. So it can be used for various cargos with different shipping throughout the year.

It can be used as refrigerator in large scale.

It also can be shared with other companies as it can be moved freely than the freezer-cooled warehouse.

Reefer container Size and capacity

1. General size (used for international shipping)
20 ' Container (20' x 8'x 8'6 '')
40 ' Container (40' x 8'x 8'6 '')
40 'HC Container (40' x 8'x 9'6 '') tall type

2. Various sizes (domestic transportation such as land transportation, rail transportation, coastal transportation)
10 ', 12', 31 '(outside dimensions) containers, but it can be customized as per customer requirement.

Power / Voltage

Power sockets

Reefer container is usually used 3 Phase power (440 V) supply for international transportation. For domestic purpose 3 phase power and Single phase also provided for small retailer who does not have 3 phase available. For 3 phase 5 core cable and for single phase 3 core cable is used for power supply.

Refrigerant used

Refrigerant such as R134A and R404A are used for reefer container.

Controlled Atmosphere.

This technology preserves the food freshness by controlling atmosphere inside the container. This is equipment is installed in the refrigerator as an option. It not only controls the temperature inside but also controls the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations. Fruits or vegetable with low and high respiration rate can be transported using this reefer container.


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