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Drinks and foods are stored fresh in “Refrigerator”. Manufacturer has released a variety of models from large capacity for big families, small families and living alone.  It is always confusing because functions and suability vary model to model.  We have picked up recommended refrigerators by capacity as follows.

Points for choosing a refrigerator: Capacity / Number of people

The optimal capacity of the refrigerator can be calculated by using following formula. 

Estimated capacity = 70L (per person) x number of family members + 100L (standard ingredients) + 70L (Spare ingredients).  This number is only for guiding purpose. For those who buy food I bulk, can select a larger size than the guideline and those who buy a lot of vegetables, can select a large vegetable room with the same capacity a large freezer with a lot of freezing, etc.  Let’s choose the capacity.

500L or more recommended for big families (5 or more)

For a big family of 5 or more people, they can go for model with 500L capacity minimum.  This capacity is enough for storage and stocking.  Before buying for large capacity refrigerator make sure that installation space is big enough.

Refrigerator for big families

400-500L for family (3-4 people)

For double working homes, who does lot of cooking and stocking of food, 400-500 liters is good enough.  Refrigerators are available with different width and performance from various manufacturer. If you go for slim model which is very popular can easily be accommodated in the installation space in apartment where space is often limited.

refrigerator for family of 3-4 people

200-400L for newlyweds living alone

For two people if you eat out, you can use small refrigerator of around 200L without any problem.  On other hand, if you want to cook we recommend a 3-door refrigerator of around 300L capacity with two-door, three-door or four-door types so select the one that suits your lifestyle.

refrigerator for newly married couple

150-200L for self-catering living alone

When single person loves cooking, he can use a slightly larger 150-200L to store not only the food and ingredient also.  Most of them are two-door type, and the size of refrigerated space and frozen space differs.  For those who often stock frozen foods and use freezer for freezing frozen foods its is recommended to focus on the freezer compartment.

how to select refrigerator of living alone


150L or less for living alone

The capacity of 150L or less is perfect for single person those who do not cook. This size does not have the function of defrost in may cases, so you need to take care of it, but you can put it in a house with a small installation space.

Another factor on determining the capacity is the installation space and loading path.

There may be a difference between the size that cab fit in the room and the desired capacity, so check the following points.  Does the entrance of the room you want to keep the refrigerator have the width of the refrigerator +10cm?  If the apartment, is the elevator size is big enough?  Is the installation location having enough space for the heat radiation?  Do you have an outlet (no extension cord)?  In the case of replacement, it is possible to carry in if it is the same size or smaller than the existing refrigerator, but before buying a new one, be sure to check the place and route there you want to secure the width, so if you are not sure, we recommend that you make an estimate in advance.

Points for choosing a refrigerator: Door / Drawer how to open the door Right opening / Left opening

The door opening direction varies depending on which side the refrigerator has a wall.  If it is on the right side, open it to the right and if it is on the left open it on the left.  Make cooking easier by opening the kitchen in one direction to create a flow line if it is not near the wall.

Points for selecting a refrigerator: Door / Drawer.

How to open the double door.

In an apartment, where the space in front of the refrigerator is small, a double-door refrigerator is recommended.  Double door requires small range of motion and would be very easy to open.

Single door

Single door refrigerator door can be open either from left side or right side.  Single door refrigerator can be used in may situation, such as being move, being relocated without worrying about the new location.  It can be installed in kitchen and dining hall as well.


Determined the characteristics of the drawer

Chilled room / vegetable room

Points for selecting a refrigerator: Door / Drawer, Drawer chilled room / Vegetable room

If you value the freshness of process foods and raw foods, such as cheese and vegetables, we recommend you the models that focus on both chilled rooms and vegetable room.  New design refrigerators are made with the keyword “freshness”. In such a refrigerator the ingredients are not easily damaged.  Each manufacturer has a different function, such as a chilled room se at a temperature around 00 C and a vegetable room that require to keep moisture.

Cold room / freezer room

Points for selecting a refrigerator: Door / Drawer, Drawer refrigerator / Freezer

If you stock up on ingredients and frozen foods, or cook, you need to check the freezer compartment.  There are few features depending on the manufacturer, the space inside the freezer cab be adjusted even if you buy a lot and cab accommodated easily.  It is important to check the size of the ingredients and how to arrange them depending on the space and the number of drawers.

Refrigerator selection points: Appearance and useful functions

There are many new models’ refrigerator that are made with attractive design.  There are a variety of things, such as glossy design using glass for the door called “glass top” and those that have Scandinavian design.  The glass top cab ne easily wiped off dirt and maintain cleanliness. On the other hand, it is impossible to attach anything to the door using a magnet, so in that case it is recommended to choose a model that is not a glass top. Each manufacturer offer a variety of design variations so if you are about the interior, check it out.

Decide on energy saving performance

Refrigerator selection points: Appearance and convenient functions Determined by energy saving performance.

Refrigerators are one of the most expensive home appliances. Energy-saving information is mandatory for refrigerator and is indicated by the * (Star) mark.  Five stars mode has an excellent energy saving performance.  It exceeds 100% achievement rate. Large-capacity items are high-end models of each manufacturer and have good energy-saving performance.  In some cases, the electricity consumption is lesser than the smaller model.

Decide by smartphone cooperation, AI etc.

Points for selecting refrigerators: appearance and useful function Smartphone cooperation and AI

refrigerator with AI technology

There are few refrigerator models, whose functions like temperature setting can be adjusted with smart phone.  Few models manage food and ingredient and how they are used.  The usability of the refrigerator is improved.  Some models are equipped with Artificial intelligent function which is effective for saving energy.  It will also suggest you daily menu selection and cooking tips. The exact functions vary as per manufacturer, so it needs to check.

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