Electricity saving tips for Air conditioners

The air conditioner is the most energy-saving appliance in heating device. Other devices like oil stoves, oil heaters and gas fan heater does not produce more heat than their fuel has. Air conditioner’s heat pump collect the heat from surrounding air, which is many times the electrical energy it consumes.


Let’s see how we can save energy. Following are the few ideas to save energy.

1. By replacing the air conditioner

The life of air conditioner is about 8 to 10 years. Beyond this the efficiency of it decreases gradually. New air conditioner has advance technology and save the electricity consumption. Replace your old model, which is 10 years old, you can save up to 20-30% of electricity.


Electricity saving tips for air conditioner

2. Adjust the set temperature and humidity

Power consumption of air conditioner can be reduced by changing the set temperature. If set temperature is change by 1 degree of an air conditioner (7500 btu/hr), it will save 54 kWh a year.

Also, when heating, even if the set temperature is set low, increasing the humidity, increases the sensible temperature. You can conserve electricity within a reasonable range by using the humidifying function of air conditioners and air purifiers or by using a humidifier together.


3. Save power with frequent filter maintenance

If air conditioner’s filter is clogged it will consume approx., 32 kWh more per year if you compare it to air conditioner with clear filtered. Air conditioner air filter must be cleaned once or twice a month. There are air conditioners which comes with automatic cleaning function.


4. Power saving by using both air conditioner and circulation fans

Air conditioner heating efficiency can be improved by using circulation fans together. It allows air to reach entire room. Warm air remains at the top if your air conditioner is installed near the ceiling. The circulating fan will circulate the warm air in the room.


5. Close the curtain to save electricity

Use curtains to you window. It will keep sunrays out by using curtains. Air condition will have extra load to keep your room cool when sunrays enter in the room.

In winter, cold drafts come in from all over the house. Try to keep these cold air out of the room as much as possible to heat the room with less electricity. The point is to take the heat of the sun from the windows into the room during the day and to prevent the heat from escaping with thick curtains or long curtains that reach the floor at night. Furthermore, if you prevent the entrance of cold air such as windows, sliding doors, doors, sashes, etc. with a clearance tape, it will prevent the air leak from the room.


6. Use hot carpet well to save electricity

Choose a hot carpet according to the size of the room and the number of family members.It is also effective to set the set temperature to a low value (high to medium) and to turn off the power frequently when not in use.


7. Use proper insulated house

One of the main reasons for energy consumption is improper insulated house. Especially house is old, cracks are more common, and seals are more, the infiltration will happen which lead to loss of energy. Air conditioner will consume more energy to keep room temperature to set point.


8. Keep electrical appliance away from thermostat

Thermostat is temperature sensor, sense the temperature and adjust turn air condition on and off accordingly. If you keep any appliance like television, computer and lamps which generate heat, sensor will sense their temperature and will keep air conditioner on.


9. Regular maintenance must be done

Air conditioner requires regular maintenance. Keep your schedule for air conditioner maintenance. Get the maintenance done by expert technician as per schedule.


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