Condensing unit. A specific refrigeration machine combination consisting of one or more compressors, condensers, liquid receivers (when required), suction accumulator, oil separator, fans, and other required accessories. Condensing unit is the heart of refrigeration system. Main function of condenser is to compress the vapor refrigerant again condense it and send it to Cooling coil (Evaporator coil). Following are the component used in condensing unit as per requirement

condensing unit part detail drawing
condensing unit top view detail drawing

Compressor: Compressor is the device which compress the refrigerant at low pressure and increase it pressure by decreasing it’s volume and send it to condenser.

Condenser coil: It bring down the temperature of refrigerant and convert vapor refrigerant into liquid when compressor sends the high pressure and high temperature refrigerant to condenser coil.

condenser coil specification

Condenser Fan: Condenser fans are used to cool down the refrigerant which flows in the condenser coil.

Oil separator: Oil separator is used to separate the oil from hot gas in discharge line which comes along with hot refrigerant from compressor.

Liquid receiver: Liquid receiver is placed in liquid line between condenser coil and thermal expansion valve. Liquid receiver store liquid refrigerant and provide a continuous flow of liquid refrigerant to thermal expansion valve.

Filter drier: It is placed after liquid receiver and before sight glass. It filters the liquids, trap and contain moisture, contaminants and acid from circulating through the system.

Sight glass: Sight glass is place after filter drier. It show whether system is dry or contain moisture.

Suction Accumulator: Accumulator prevent liquid refrigerant flooding back to the compressor. In the accumulator liquid refrigerant settles at the bottom and only vapor allows to enter into compressor. It placed in suction line after evaporator and between compressor and service valve

HP/LP switch: It is an additional safety device to switch the compressor of when system go low pressure or high pressure

Service Valve: Suction and discharge service valve are placed, basically for servicing and gas charging purpose.

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