Phase change material is the solution where electricity is irregular.    
What is (PCM) Phase Change Material?
Phase change materials (PCM) are substances that absorbs and discharge thermal energy during the process of freezing and melting. At the point when the PCM freezes, Energy is discharged as latent heat at a moderately steady temperature. On the other hand, when such material melts, it assimilates a lot of heat from surrounding. PCMs energize as encompassing temperatures varies, making them perfect for an assortment of everyday applications that require temperature control of air conditioning without electricity.
The most regularly utilized PCM is water/ice. Ice is an amazing PCM for keeping up temperatures at 0°C. Be that as it may, water's freezing point is fixed at 0°C (32°F), which makes it inadmissible for most thermal energy storage applications.
To address that confinement, PCM has been created for use over an expansive scope of temperatures, from - 40°C to more than 150°C. They regularly store 5 to 14 multiple times more heat per unit volume than materials, for example, water, masonry or rock. Among different thermal storage alternatives, PCM are especially appealing on the grounds that they offer high-thickness energy storage and store heat inside a restricted temperature extend.
Electrical energy and thermal energy are stored. But storing electrical energy is more expensive. Normal salt is used to make PCM. Comparing the two, thermal energy is much cheaper. This stored thermal energy is used as needed. The PCM is used to store thermal energy in areas where the power supply is irregular and needs constant thermal energy.

PCM is used in many places. In this article, we will discuss how PCM is used in the cold chain industry.

Transportation (Air conditioning without electricity)
Transportation of perishable foods, temperature delicate pharmaceuticals, sundry hardware (like start transformers) and synthetic substances (explosives) require refrigerated trucks. Such refrigerated trucks are restrictively costly to work as they use Diesel as a source of energy. The expense of diesel-created energy is multiple times higher when contrasted with regular power cost. In this manner, Phase Change Material store energy utilizing a modest source of energy and discharge it when that modest source of energy isn't accessible.
reefer container with eutectic technology. AC without electricityEutectic plate for refrigeration without electricity

This PCM is used in eutectic plates or panels
Eutectic system, commonly, have no association with the engine and, along these lines, don't devour any extra diesel. They are charged by utilizing an electrically driven compressor that is worked when the vehicle is stationary at the hub utilizing high efficiency sealed or semi-sealed compressor working for the most part at evenings (lower encompassing conditions) and steady obligation loads. Thusly, they consume between 8-25 units for every day for a 8 to 10 feet vehicle relying on the system. This infers an every day cost of $1 to 3 which is practically 60% lower than an equivalent regular unit.

Some Indian startups are manufacturing vehicles based on this technology.



  1. Ice cream vehicle
  2. Dairy product Vehicle
  3. Frozen Food Vehicle
  4. Meat and Sea product Vehicle
  5. Bakery Vehicle
  6. Fruits and Vegetables Vehicle
Cold rooms or cold storage area (Air conditioning without electricity)
Until Very as of late PCM based eutectic plates were not dependable enough to use in a virus room however these days PCM based eutectic plates are utilized as the backup for the customary cooling. These plates are charged when regular cool is operational and is utilized when the electric stock is unpredictable. It surrenders back for 8 to 10 hrs relying on the employments.

Last Mile Delivery (Air conditioning without electricity)
Delivery done with ice box

Home delivery and last mile delivery include the delivery of retail cold chain items (milk, pharma injectable, Ice Cream, solidified nourishment) at homes or establishments. These micro deliveries, extending from one Kg to 50 Kg have their remarkable difficulties as far as speed of delivery, temperature upkeep. Utilizing PCM cartridge freezer can freeze cartridges across various temperature ranges. These cartridges, when placed in insulated boxes, can hold temperatures for 10 to 12 hours, along these lines guaranteeing home deliveries.

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